Our Mission: Jobs, Housing, and Rights for All

Create High-Paying Jobs 

Let’s provide people with educational pathways to successful futures. By creating vocational education training centers in our community, I will connect people directly with high-paying jobs. I will offer local businesses tax credits for hiring graduates of our vocational training centers. This system will enable mutual growth for community members and local businesses. 

Make Renting Sustainable 

We have a housing crisis in New York, and rents are skyrocketing in District 45. Even those apartments that the City calls “affordable housing” are no longer affordable, or sustainable for the majority of us. 

I pledge to create an independent board that oversees our city’s land use process, stopping big real estate developers from getting contracts under the table. I will ensure that the unused land in District 45 goes to building new housing with sustainable rents for low-income New Yorkers. And I will offer tax credits to landlords who reduce rent for families and small businesses. 

Rights for All New Yorkers 

I am committed to reforming the criminal justice system and ending the mass incarceration of Black and Brown New Yorkers. To end the school-to-prison pipeline, I will fund education, jobs, and mental health programs, not prisons. I also support reducing the number of armed police officers and vehicle patrols in our community; to better resolve nonviolent conflicts, mental health challenges, and homelessness, I would hire trained professionals in these fields. 

As an immigrant myself, I am committed to supporting the DACA program for students, and stopping ICE from targeting immigrants in our community. I will also offer educational programs where lawyers and immigrations experts help immigrants learn about their rights and create change. Trump has created a dangerous environment where racism and prejudice against immigrants has spread across our country. It is time to uplift immigrants in our communities, and make our city a safe haven where people of all races, ethnicities, and religions can thrive.